Natural Wood Grilling

Slow grilling of premium meats over natural wood fires is unmatched in taste and quality. Range and Reef offers natural range fed and organic beef in premium cuts of top sirloin and prime rib rotisserie grilled for at least 4 hours and sliced on-site. Tenderloins and other premium cuts of beef, lamb and pork are also available. Range and Reef also can provide pork loin ribs grilled over cherry, apple or peach wood where the ribs take on the natural flavors of the fruit wood  (you won’t need barbecue sauce with these ribs!).  Additional specialties using this grilling technique of direct heat from natural wood fire include “kababs” (skewered chicken, beef, pork, salmon and tuna), as well as oysters and shrimp grilled directly over wood fires. Grilled vegetables are also available.


Range and Reef sources it’s fruit woods from orchards around Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

For information on availability and pricing and to schedule one of Range and Reef’s unique food events, please contact us

via email and we will arrange a time for Personal Chef, Jim Holderbaum, to come visit with you to plan your event.

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